Each recipe is complete and fully-balanced — formulated by our in-house Board Certified and PhD Veterinary Nutritionists for all life stages, from puppyhood to senior years.

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Beef Rice Recipe

High-quality beef, green beans, apples, beets, and more all pack a hearty punch. Our beef recipe provides dogs the essential nutrients they need for optimum energy and cognitive function support.

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A protein powerhouse containing amino acids and nutrients like iron and omega fatty acids for vitality.


High in beta-carotene, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties; carrots improve eyesight and boost immunity.


Rich in essential nutrients, potassium, and anti-inflammatory compounds. Support natural detoxification processes.

Turkey Sweet Potato Recipe

Our turkey recipe pairs with superfoods like cranberries and spinach. The lean protein source can promote a regulated mood, improve sleep quality and support the proper functioning of your dogs immune system.

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Your dog’s natural mineral fix. Often less likely to trigger food allergies.


Packed with hydration, fiber, and essential nutrients to bolster your dog's well-being.


Help to prevent urinary tract infections, reduce risk of infection and boost immunity.

Pork Quinoa Recipe

Essential proteins support muscle development and overall health, while antioxidants and fiber, contribute to better digestion, immune system support, and offer anti-inflammatory benefits.

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High-quality protein contributes to growth, immune support, and energy production.


Contains all 9 essential amino acids making it highly beneficial.


Superfood rich in antioxidants which contribute to heart and urinary tract health.

Why Fresh?

As dog owners, our pet's health is not only our responsibility but a stressor. Minimizing stress and focusing on health and happiness improves both of your lives.

We’re conditioned to trust commercial dog food brands, but they don’t always have our pup's health in mind and tend to take advantage of a loosely regulated industry. Labels use words like ‘premium’ but hold absolutely no value in the pet food and are a marketing tactic to deceive dog owners into buying food filled with preservatives and harmful ingredients. Human-grade dog food is not only humane, but will save you less vet visits as your dog will be eating food filled with nutrition rather than bad ingredients that lead to daily and long term health issues.


dog owners don’t know what’s in the food they’re feeding their dogs


Over half of all dogs are classified as overweight or obese. (Association for Pet Obesity Prevention)