We’re transforming pet nutrition. Tailoring each dog's unique needs through technology, transparency, and quality. Empowering informed choices for healthier, happier companions. Preventative dog health through nutrition and technology. Saving you costly vet visits and more years with your pup!

Founded by Jeff Christian and Andres Leal, PETCHEFY was born over their love for their furry companions. They felt a commitment to improve dogs' lives through the perfect blend of nutrition & technology.

Their journey began in Miami where the humid climate posed challenges for their dogs' health, from skin and digestive issues to energy levels, and more. Together, they worked with in-house veterinary nutritionist consultants to craft a recipe that addressed their concerns.

After seeing the transformation in their own dogs, they realized they had something special to offer the wider pet-loving community.

With leading veterinarian consultants, they worked to fine-tune their solutions, resulting in tailor-made dog food that is now their honor to share with you.

Welcome to PETCHEFY – where our love for dogs meets science-backed wellness, one bowl at a time. 🐾

Community Driven

As dog owners, our pet’s health is not only our responsibility, but a stressor. Minimizing stress and focusing on health and happiness improves both of your lives. Did you know, over 70% of dog owners don’t know what’s in the food they’re feeding their dogs? Nearly 30% of pet owners experienced barriers to veterinary care. The main one, cost.

We’re conditioned to trust commercial dog food brands, but they don’t always have our pup's health in mind and tend to take advantage of a loosely regulated industry. Labels use words like ‘premium’ even though it holds no value in the pet food and is used as a marketing tactic to deceive dog owners into buying food filled with preservatives and harmful ingredients. Human-grade dog food is not only humane, but will save you less vet visits as your dog will be eating food filled with nutrition rather than bad ingredients that lead to daily and long term health issues.